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Artists Friends
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Dany-Daniel Gabriel
François Ville
Loredana Dujardin
Nathan Féra
Nicole Zell

Dany-Daniel Gabriel

I received a friend request from Dany-Daniel on Friends Artist.
  He mentioned that I knew his father: Guy Champigny. 
It was a surprise for me since I had met his father during a
jam session in Sherbrooke in 1981 (for which you can find the link on my website.)

François Ville

François is a French composer who writes beautiful songs.
I had the pleasure of participating on one of his albums via the internet!
Congratulations on your music, François!

Loredana Dujardin

Loredana Dujardin is a French songwriter who has an ''electronic dance'' music style.
Don't miss out on listening to her music!
All the best wishes to you, Loredana!

Nathan Féra

Nathan, born in 1977, is from Bruxelles (Belgium).
  He offers an exceptional scope of beautiful songs.
Great success and well-wishes to you, Nathan!

Click here

Nicole Zell

Nicole Zell is from the region of Chester County, Pensylvania, U.S.A.
She is a young and very talented singer/songwriter with a unique impressive style.
Best of wishes in your future music endeavors, Nicole!

ourager dans son cheminement.