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The ABC's of Chords -- here are 3 examples:

Chapter 1: An abridged method of teaching received as a private student (from 1967 to 1969) from Frank Mella,
a renowned arranger. In fact, after several years of musical studies, I was very surprised to discover the
mathematical foundation hiding in the organisation of music. When applied, the formulas and principles
of this method allow you to analyze any musical piece in addition to being able to substitute or add
chords to render a more complete, harmonic and melodic product. This method assumes that
you are already familiar with the basic chords. If this is not the case I recommend that
you start with Chapters 2 and 3 before returning here.
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Chapter 2: Gives you a brief overview of each chord, their building blocks, extensions,
accidentals in each key and clef written for the keyboard.
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Chapter 3: Offers you a complete chart of all the chords (and their fingerings)
which can be played on the keyboard.
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